I feel like I’ve been in training to fulfil this mission ever since I was a teenager. 

Helping other people understand the messages of their body.


I feel like I’ve been in training to fulfil this mission ever since I was a teenager. 

Helping other people understand the messages of their body.


Hello, I’m Maria Zoutsou,

aka The Stress Doctor.

I coach high-powered professionals who are experiencing fatigue, tiredness, emotional shutdown, aches and pains, poor sleep, low energy – all symptoms of stress.


I help them to truly hear their body’s messages and create the change that will allow them to live the vibrant, energised, fulfilled and on purpose life that they are meant to live.

If that’s you, and you’re looking to:

Then you're in the right place.

I’ve been studying the miracle of our body for years and I can tell you that thing you call stress is not only damaging your health, it’s draining your energy and eroding your quality of life.

But you knew that. What you maybe didn’t know is that your stress is just a symptom of something deeper (which is why the kale and cardio aren’t working).

Uncovering the real problem? That is something I can definitely help you with.


The road to health and healing

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I feel like I’ve been in training to fulfil this mission – helping other people understand the messages of their body – ever since I was a teenager. Because there have been plenty of health challenges over the years – my own, my family’s and my friends’ – that have really required me to hone my detective skills when it comes to deciphering the body’s messages.

Like many children who didn’t fit in, I was bullied and teased from a young age and I ended up developing multiple health problems such as constant tiredness, stomach problems, heartburn, headaches and repeated colds and flu. Endless doctor and hospital appointments and tests confirmed no serious problems and the symptoms were just attributed to stress.

A few years later, while in my teens, I was prescribed Valium. I had no idea at the time what it really was. I took it because the doctor prescribed it, but this was my first active lesson in listening to my own body. My intuition told me these pills weren’t the answer and that they weren’t making anything better, just masking the problems, so I stopped taking them a few days later.

When my own children developed serious allergies, asthma and eczema, my detective abilities hit new heights. After endless dealings with doctors and hospitals, I realised that we are the experts on our own health and wellbeing. No medic knows us better than we do. (I fully appreciate what modern medicine can do for us, but when it comes to chronic health conditions, like allergies, fatigue or stress, there is no magic pill.)

Its symptoms, ranging from low or no energy, fatigue, headaches, emotional withdrawal, anxiety, inability to focus even, point to a general unease, dissatisfaction and feeling of… something missing.

It can’t be treated with the latest green juice, gym workout or more sleep. You’ve probably tried all those things and you’re still struggling to make it through the day. Am I right?

And that’s because curing stress requires you to do something you’ve probably never thought to do before – tap into the most advanced diagnostic system on the planet: the wisdom of your body.

You may not know how to do that right now – we’re not generally taught how! – but it’s a talent I’ve been honing my entire life, and it’s something I can definitely help you with.

After my children left home I decided to leave the world of science and explore new, more people-oriented careers – and I received an even deeper lesson in the wisdom of our bodies! Because while I was excited to explore what direction my life could take, and loved training as a mediator and coach, I was also fearful about starting something new and leaving my medical research career behind. My own fearful, anxious thoughts and emotions were triggering my stress response which resulted in headaches, low energy, fatigue, cold, pains, and aches. (Nothing like being your own best test subject!)

I tried to avoid and ignore all these things for a while, and put them down to just life. But I realised that I could not outsmart the intelligence of my body. Yes, we can pretend we’re fine, hide our feelings and wear masks, and attempt to fool others and ourselves, but we cannot fool our bodies.

Because our bodies operate on a different playing field, one where there are only chemical reactions that reveal the truth of how we feel. Indeed, our bodies know what we feel and produce molecules of emotion accordingly.

So I finally stopped running from my own body, and leaned in to its messages.

Finally, I listened and I acted.

And I am so passionate about sharing this knowledge and helping people develop these skills because the impact if you don’t can be heartbreaking - I’ve witnessed burnout, marriage breakdowns, career implosion, and body meltdowns (cancer, heart disease or severe depression).

I’ve been fascinated with health and wellbeing since I was very young, but while studying chemistry and immunology for my doctorate in chemistry, I became mesmerised by the miracle of life.

Millions of chemical reactions take place in our body every single second in order to keep us safe.

These reactions manifest as symptoms – physical and emotional – and it is these symptoms that are the messages from your body. I was absolutely amazed that if we listen carefully to these messages and act on them, we are able to resolve or even prevent health conditions developing in the first place.

I’m sure you would agree; so please don’t ignore your body. Listen to its whispers and act before they become yells.

I did and I have never felt such energy! I bounce out of bed. I’ve never felt more alive in my entire life. I feel deeply fulfilled by my work. And people can see it. I get so many comments like, “Wow, you look amazing.” “Gosh, you look younger Maria”. I am truly living and looking, vibrant.

And this is something you can absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, have too.

You have the wisdom within you, and I can help you translate it into actions that will actually make you feel healthier, happier and ALIVE!

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